Särkilampi Nature Hut Repovesi

Särkilampi Nature Hut Repovesi

The destination has been equipped to be suitable for short holidays for 4 persons.

From Särkilampi, a nice hike can be made to Repovesi’s Olhava or Murjanvuori mountains. You can dip in to the clear water of Särkilämpi after enjoying the sauna’s heat.

You can reach the destination by car. The destination is available to be used around the year.


  • Fully equipped kitchen for 24 people


  • Dishwasher
  • Design wood-burning oven with ceramic hob
  • Fireplace
  • Solid oak table for 10 people
  • Group set for six people
  • Outdoor fireplace and stylish summer furniture outdoors
  • Sauna for 10 people
  • Ground basement 4.5 square metres

    Cosy bed in the hut

    King-sice bed

  • Running cold water
  • Solar electricity
  • 220V socket

Särkilammen sauna Repovedellä

Särkilampi sauna

  • Professional guide for an excursion day.
  • Local food
  • Meeting packages
  • Mountain bicycles and fat bikes

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All reservations via Airbnb

Luontotupa Repovedellä takan loimua


Cleaning                                  90€/firsr hour then  40€/hour

Heating service                        95€
Towels                                      5.50€/ pc

You can easily reserve the nature hut by using the reservation calendar. You can view the vacant dates from the calendar. Please fill in the reservation form and send it to us.  On the reservation date, we will send the code to the door’s locked cabinet by text message

Booking terms

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After use, the nature hut must be cleaned, which includes sweeping the floors, wet wiping them, emptying the ash from the fireplaces, wiping the table surfaces and any marks that have occurred during use. Washing up dishes and cleaning kitchen surfaces. Cleaning of the sauna, washroom and changing room. All litter and waste must be taken away. We shall charge for an uncleaned hut according to the valide pricelist.

At the time of booking, the person making the reservation is responsible for all the users of the Särkilampi nature hut and the use of the hut. After the reservation, the door is locked.