Heisanharju reservation hut


Heisanharjun varauskota

Heisanharju reservation hut

The reservation hut is meant for everyone in seek of their own space, a peaceful location, in the heart of Heisanharju. The hut can be used as a stronghold during a recreation day or you can even spend the night there with a small group.


The hut has a fireplace, where there is a barbeque and a muurikka plate.

Heisan varauskota sisältä

Heisanharju reservation hut from the inside

There is firewood in the woodshed. There are small lap tables for 16 people. These provide a sturdy base for dining and for coffee breaks. The seats are 70 cm wide and they are padded with genuine reindeer skins. The bench is wide enough to sleep 6 people. There is plenty of space on the floor to sleep 6 people. You will also find cleaning equipment at the hut. The hut has a sturdy plank floor. There is space to seat approx. 18 people in the hut.
Dogs must be left outside the hut. We respect people with allergies.

You can easily reserve the hut by using the reservation calendar. You can view the vacant dates from the calendar. Please fill in the reservation form and send it to us. You will receive a reply message with payment instructions. When we have received payment, you will receive a confirmation email, which will also include the door code. You can also make enquiries about reservations by calling +358 (0) 400 45 22 70 or sending an email to info@kyvi.fi

Booking terms

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After use, the hut must be cleaned, which includes brooming the floors, emptying the ash from the fireplace, cleaning the muurikka pan and cooking grate, tidying the sitting areas and lap tables, as well as wiping away any marks and stains that have occurred during use. Rubbish must be managed in accordance with the hut’s rules. We shall charge 50€ + 45€ per cleaning hour for an uncleaned hut. You can also order a cleaning service from us for the previously mentioned price.

At the time of booking, the person making the reservation is responsible for all the users of the hut and the use of the hut. After the reservation, the door is locked.

The hut can be booked for the morning, the afternoon or overnight. Reservations can be no longer than 2 days.


Morning            9 am – 5 pm        14.50€/person. min 33 €
Night                 5 pm – 9 am        17.50€/person min 38€
Day                                               23.50€/person. min 75€