taukokatos tulentekopaikka kuivakaymala

Vahtivuori resting area is part of the historical Salpa Line. Bunkers, dugouts, tunnel .. You will find them here.



Basic equipment

There is a lean-to shelter, fireplace, woodshed and a composting toilet at Vahtivuori’s resting area. There are also Salpa Trail’s signposts. The actual Salpa Trail is marked with blue markers in the terrain, on rocks and tree trunks. Vahtivuori is Salpa Line’s second rest area in Virolahti. It is 2.5 km to Vahtivuori from Majaniemi. It is approx. 6-7 km to the next rest area Bunker Museum. As its name suggests, Vahtivuori rest area is located at the crown of Vahtivuori.

Vahtivuori during the summer

You can sense a piece of Finnish wartime history in the environment of Vahtivuori. There are dugouts, anti-tank obstacles and other fortresses in the area. Please note however that the dugouts do not have lighting and they may have deep minings, sharp projections, iron pegs and drops. Entering takes place at your own risk, so please be careful. It is worth taking an electric flashlight or other means of lighting with you. The dugouts and other fortresses are comparable to sites that are subject to the Antiquities Act.

The terrain of Vahtivuori and the rest of the Salpa Line is perfectly suitable for hiking and mountain biking. The terrain of the trail network is suitably challenging and varied for fun mountain biking. One suggestion as a cycling or hiking excursion is to leave your car at the Bunker Museum and contnue from there to Vahtivuori and Majaniemi and then return to the Bunker Museum. A nice day-long trip! During the summer, you can hire mountain bikes at, for example, Illi-Sport, in Hamina.

The nearby Harju learning centre offers accommodation as well as dining and programme services for groups in a stunning mansion millieu. Kiessi Museum also operates in the same facilities as the centre, where you can familiarise in horse-pulled vehicles.

In addition,  Salpa Hikes are organised at the Salpa Trail.

Vahtivuori during the winter

During the winter, you should visit Vahtivuori and other destinations of the Salpa Line with snow shoes or forest skis due to the mounds of snow.

How to get there

Vahtivuori is located at Virolahti’s Ravijoki, approx. 23 km from Hamina. Turn off Highway 7 (E18) to Ravijoki, to Koulutilantie, from where it is 5 km to Harju learning centre. Drive throught the centre to Vahtivuorentie. You can reach the base of the mountain by car, from where it is a few hundred metres of easily accessible climbing to the mountain.  Public transport provides bus routes from Hamina to Virolahti or Miehikkälä, and you can get get off at Harju learning centre, i.e. the Ravijoki bus stop.

Coordinates; WGS84 60.54228 27.54972

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