Salpa Trail

The Salpa Trail is a 50-km-long one-way hiking trail in the areas of the municipalities of Vironlahti and Miehikkälä. The Salpa Trail starts from Virolahti’s Majaniemi at the shore of Suomenlahti and ends at the border of Lappeenranta’s Ylämaa, at Lake Syvä-Valkjärvi.

Salpa Line – one of the greatest defense lines of its timeSalpa Trail is part of the Salpa Line, which was built as defence at the eastern border of Finland during the years 1940-1941 and 1944. The length of the Salpa Line is 1,200 km. It begins in Virolahti’s Majaniemi and continues to Savukoski. From Savukoski, the Line continues as field fortresses until the Arctic Ocean.

Salpa Centre
The national Salpa Centre which was established in 2005 consists of Miehikkälä’s Salpa Line Museum, Virolahti’s Bunker Museum, Salpa Line Heritage Association and the Salpa Trail in Miehikkälä and Virolahti.

Hiking while familiarising in Finland’s wartime history
While travelling along the Salpa Trail, you can familiarise in Finland’s wartime history. There are dugouts i.e. bunkers, trenches, tanks’ rock barriers and wartime cannons along the route. Two museums have also been established along the route, the Bunker Museum in Virolahti and the Salpa Line Museum in Miehikkälä.

Diverse hiking in nature
While travelling along the historical Salpa Trail, you can admire the beautiful and varied nature of Southeastern Finland. The trail takes you from the seaside landscapes to forests and to countryside landscapes. The trail is suitavle for hiking, bicycling, horseback riding and in some parts for skiing, and it has been marked in nature with signposts and markers.

Rest areas and accommodation as well as saunas
The 12 rest and accommodation areas that have been placed along the Salpa Trail allow, where necessary, to truly familiarise in the Salpa Trail’s destinations. All of the rest areas have a composting toilet, compost, campfire and wood shed. It is also possible to stay the night at some rest areas in lean-to shelters. People, who require slightly higher quality accommodation, can choose from two barbecue huts that can be separately booked, which are both located in Miehikkälä. There are also three saunas on the Salpa Trail that can be reserved; At Virolahti’s Ravijoki fire station, Miehikkälä’s Muhikko at the shore of the river and at Jermula veteran housing at the shore of Häyhinlampi.