mokki tulentekopaikka kuivakaymala

Muhikko rest area is located in Miehikkälä alongside a small river.  In the past, one of the quarry areas of the Salpa Line was located near the rest area, and large rocks still remain in the surroundings.

Muhikon taukopaikka


There is an old log building at Muhikko rest area, where you can find a sauna and a living room. The building dates back to the time that the Salpa Line was built. Nearby, you can also see the remains of a 75-year-old bridge, which was used to transport rocks across the Salpa Line. In addition, there is a fireplace, wood shed, composting toilet and Salpa Trail signs. The actual Salpa Trail is marked with blue markers in the terrain, on rocks and tree trunks.

Summer at Muhikko

You can test your luck at fishing at the small river that runs alongside. Your catch can be prepared at the destination’s campfire.

The environment of Muhikko and the rest of Salpa Line is perfectly suitable for hiking and mountain biking. The terrain of the trail network is suitably challenging and varied for fun mountain biking. During the summer, you can hire mountain bikes at, for example, Illi-Sport, in Hamina.

In addition Salpa Hikes are organised at the Salpa Trail.

Winter at Muhikko

You can reach Muhikko during the winter using snow shoes or forest skis.

How to get to Muhikko

During the summer, you can drive to the very vicinity of the rest area by car. Enter the following address in your GPS: Muhikontie 242. You can reach the centre of Miehikkälä by bus, from where it is approx. 7 km along the Salpa Trails to Muhikko.

Coordinates: WGS84  60.71777  27.68140

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