tulentekopaikka kuivakaymala

At Härkämäki rocks, there is a wartime rock quarry, which has been used to make armourings. There is also a large cave at the destination.



There is a campfire, wood shelter and a composting toilet at Härkämäki.

Immediately next to Härkämäki rest area, there is an accommodation cave for 80 people. Please note however that the dugouts do not have lighting and they may have deep minings, sharp projections, iron pegs and drops. Entering takes place at your own risk, so please be careful. It is worth taking an electric flashlight or other means of lighting with you. The dugouts and other fortresses are comparable to sites that are subject to the Antiquities Act.

Hiking and mountain biking

The Salpa Line is suitable for hiking and mountain biking. The terrain of the trail is suitably challenging and varied for fun mountain biking. During the summer, you can hire mountain bikes at, for example, Illi-Sport, in Hamina.

In addition Salpa Hikes are organised at the Salpa Trail.

How to get to Härkämäki

It is 2.5 kilometres from Miehikkälä to Härkämäki rest area. You can complete the jouney by foot or by mountain bike along the hiking trail. You can get within 400 m of the destination by car. From Miehikkälä, follow Hauhiantie for 2.5 km until the road crosses to the left to a steep hill. You can leave your car on the hill and continue by foot along the signposted trail.

Coordinates: WGS84  60.69449 27.68924

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