taukokatos pysakointialue tulentekopaikka kuivakaymala laituri

Röllänranta, which is located in the village of Tirva, can also be called Tirva’s “village beach”, because particularly during the summer, it is a popular leisure destination among the villagers. The gravel-like bottom of the lake at the beach is typical to Kymenlaakso.


Basic equipment

Röllänranta’s equipment includes a platform, break shelter, fireplace, wood shed, composting toilet and a parking area.

Röllänranta during the summer

Röllänranta is a perfect location for spending a summer day, for families with children too. Alongside swimming, you can grill sausages at the campfire site and go on small holes in the surrounding summery nature. Please, however, note the risks involved when swimming in the flowing river with children.

Tirva in the winter

Winter at Röllänranta also offers diverse activities in nature. You can go ice-fishing on the ice of Lake Tirvanjärvi, and you can catch e.g. trout, perch, pike and whitefish. The tranquility of the surrounding wintery nature ensures peace and quiet while fishing. From the shore, you can set off on a hiking excursion with snow shoes or by skiing, for example, around nearby Suursaari. What could be better after ice-fishing or hiking than grilling sausages or caught fish, and of course camp fire coffee.

How to get to Tirva

Tirvantie 14666 and at the address 670, the RÖLLANRANTA road turns to the destination.

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Other nearby services

ABC Utti service station shop

Vääntäjä Farm, where Matti Vääntäjä operates as the host, hires canoes and transportation, as well as organises guided canoeing excursions at Väliväylä.

Kohopää Holiday Cabins offer cabin accommodation in Tirva

SeikkailuviiKari Oy offers canoes and kayaks to hire, as well as organises programme services.

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