pysakointialue taukokatos tulentekopaikka kuivakaymala

You can access the hiking route to Kyykoski from Taikinakoski recreation area. The destination is also an excellent fly fishing area.


Hawk, owl, eagle, osprey, fox, hare, moose, beevor and otter. Taikinakoski is home to these animals, among others. If the conditions are suitable, you may even encounter these forest animals during your nature excursion.

Basic equipment – for disabled people too

You can conveniently reach the Taikinakoski rest area by car, which is located right alongside Kannuskoskentie, so the destination is perfectly suitable for disabled people too. The destination’s equipment includes a rest shelter, a fireplace, composting toilet and a firewood shelter. Taikinakoski is located alongside the City of Kouvola’s cycling route. Therefore, cyclists and canoers can use Taikinakoski’s rest shelter for accommodation. A stunning bridge crosses the rapids, which remain melted throughout the year, and you can admire the rapids from this bridge.

What does Taikinakoski recreation area offer?

A nature trail runs between Taikinakoski and Kyykoski, which is suitable for hiking, snow shoe walking and Nordic walking, wilderness skiing as well as for mountain biking. By moving from the rapids location to the quiet waters of the river, you can also go fishing and ice-fishing in the area.

How to get to Taikinakoski

Along Väliväylä canoeing route or by car from road 14670 Kannuskoskentie. There is a layby at the intersection of Hangaslahdentie and a path that runs down to the river.
Coordinates: WGS84 60.96488 27.12289

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Other nearby services

Vääntäjä Farm, where Matti Vääntäjä operates as the host, hires canoes and transportation, as well as organises guided canoeing excursions at Väliväylä.

Retkipalvelu Ilander Oy offers nature exercise services in the area of Kouvola and Northern Kymenlaakso.

SeikkailuviiKari Oy offers canoes and kayaks to hire, as well as organises programme services.


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