taukokatos tulentekopaikka kuivakaymala pysakointialue

Sulunkoski is a dream location for fly fishing. Amazing brown trout has been fished from the river. Sulunkoski can be found along the Väliväylä canoeing route.


Kyykoski fishing area is a special fishing area, so you need appropriate fishing permits. Those who have obtained fishing permits have access to brilliant fishing watr, such as Sulunkoski area, which is perfect for fly fishing. You can smoke your freshly caught fish at the destination.

Mystical rock paintings

Basic equipment

The equipment of the rest area includes a fireplace, a smoker, rest shelter and hut, log table, composting toilet and a wood shed. Sulunkoski provides the setting for a larger group to meet, perhaps together with fishing.

Activities for families with children too

Sulunkoski is also perfectly suitable as a family excursion destination. In the winter, you can go snow-shoeing and listen to the birds sing and the peaceful ripples of the water, and in the summer you can swim, go hiking or mountain biking in the nearby terrain among beautiful landscapes. The surrounding forest offer excellent berry and mushroom picking terrains.

Sulunkoski offers a good shoring location and a long rapids part for canoers.  Canoers should also pay particular attention to the Stone Age paintinigs persented on the high rock walls that rise out of the river.

Rest area for cyclists too

It is approximately two kilometres along a small forest road from Kouvola’s bicyle route to Sulunkoski. Why not make a slight detour and perhaps enjoy your lunch at the rest area?

How to get to Sulunkoski

You can reach the destination by car. From road 14670, follow the signs to Kyykoskentie. Drive carefully along the forest track until you reach the parking area. Coordinates WGS84 60.95355 27.152195

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Other nearby services

SeikkailuviiKari Oy offers canoes and kayaks to hire, as well as organises programme services.

Retkipalvelu Ilander Oy offers nature exercise services in the area of Kouvola and Northern Kymenlaakso.

Vääntäjä Farm, where Matti Vääntäjä operates as the host, hires canoes and transportation, as well as organises guided canoeing excursions at Väliväylä.

Myrskytuuli Oy organises programme services in the region of Kymenlaakso.

Kannuskoski Shop is located at Kannuskoski, in other words at the shoring location before Kyykoski. You can buy fishing permits at the shop and you can take water with you from the water point.

Väliväylän Etappi is a restaurant that operates in the same building with Kannuskoski Shop.

Pohjois-Kymen Perhokalastajat ry, Kyykoski lure fishing area.


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