pysakointialue tulentekopaikka taukokatos kuivakaymala

Väliväylä’s canoeing route and Kouvola’s hiking and track network connect at Paaskoski. Paaskoski is an excellent fishing destination.


The last rapids section of Väliväylä is Paaskoski, from where it is 7.6 km to Kouvola and 6.1 km to Valkeala. Paaskoski rest and shoring area is probably the most popular destination of Väliväylä, because there is a cafe at the destination, Paaskoski Cabin. It attracts skiers in particular during the winter to stop by for hot juice and freshly made doughnuts.

Basic equipment – for disabled people too

Paaskoski is located along the ski routes maintained by Kouvola and Valkeala, but there are a rest shelter, fireplace, wood shed and composting toilet intended for recreation use at the shore. The paths that continue all the way to the shore are also suitable for people with reduced mobility. By following Karimäentie, you can reach the boom by car, from where it is approximately 500 metres to walk to the hut. A boom closes the road, when the cabin is closed. Paaskoski hut is open during the winter, but during the summer it is only open upon reservation.

What does Paaskoski offer? – Spot a white-throated dipper!

You can come to Paaskoski in the winter with skis and choose your preferred ski route either in the direction of Kouvola or Valkeala. It is certainly worth stopping by even, if you don’t intend to go skiing, perhaps to go for coffee at Paaskoski Cabin or just to spend the day outdoors in the area. You can also spot a white-throated dipper at Paaskoski, which is the area’s symbolic bird.

Since the flow remains melted throughout the year, fishing is not allowed, but the rapids descend to Käyrälampi, where you can go ice-fishing during the winter and fishing during the summer. Slightly south from the flow area, you can go fly fishing subject to  fishing permits at Jyräänjoki special fishing area. During the summer, Paaskoski area’s forests offer diverse and well-maintained trail networks for hiking, walking and mountain biking. Many people also visit the area to walk their dogs.

How to get to Paaskoski

By car, Valkealastan tie 15 turns to Sairaalantie, which continues as Karimäentie all the way to Paaskoski. There is a barrier on the road approx. 1km before the destination. Leave your car here and walk the rest of the way. When canoeing, Paaskoski can be found along the Väliväylä route.
Coordinates: WGS84 60.89823 26.79247

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Other nearby services

Retkipalvelu Ilander Oy offers nature exercise services in the area of Kouvola and Northern Kymenlaakso.

Vääntäjä Farm, where Matti Vääntäjä operates as the host, hires canoes and transportation, as well as organises guided canoeing excursions at Väliväylä.

SeikkailuviiKari Oy offers canoes and kayaks to hire, as well as organises programme services.


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