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Mankki’s resting area and berthing location is located at the shore of Mankinvirta. A destination along Väliväylä’s canoeing route, where there is a wilderness cabin.



Basic equipment – a wilderness hut open during the winter as a speciality

You can stay the night at Mankki’s wilderness hut all year round. The fireplace of the hut warms the hut quickly and makes it suitable to spend the night, and you can of course use it to prepare meals and dry any equipment that has got wet during your excursion. The hut also has a basic twin bed and table, and outdoors there is a composting toilet and a woodshed. During the summer, you can dip in to the reshreshing and calming flowing Mankinvirta from the platform at the shore.

Rural landscapes in the vicinity of services

You can reach the vicinity of Mankki’s cabin by car, and Mankki also provides a good berthing location for canoers. Cyclists, who follow the Kouvola bicycle route will also quickly find Mankki’s cabin and its pleasant resting area. The idyllic rural landscape and its fields and farmhouses create a pleasant atmosphere. The nearby Utti airport offers the opportunity to watch the training sessions at the military airport. Utti’s ABC petrol station is located approx. 2.4 km from Mankki.

What does Mankki resting area offer?

During the summer, hikers can stay overnight at Mankki’s wilderness cabin, go fishing and swim. At the river, you can put your fishing luck to the test and you may even catch e.g. a pike, a trout or a perch. Mankki and its environment are well-suited for bicycling, the 40-kilometre-long, so-called Mankki route, is located nearby.

Mankki in the winter

During the winter, Mankki’s peaceful winter paradise offers the perfect setting for e.g. snow shoe walks, ice-fishing or skiing on the ice of Mankinvirta. When skiing towards Tirva along the river, you can ski for long distances without river flow areas.

How to get to Mankki

By canoeing along the Väliväylä route, Mankki platform is slightly below the village of Mankki. When arriving by car, you can turn on to Pajumäentie from Kipparilantie (14648), and along this road you will find Mankki. There are no parking places, so you have to leave your car at the side of the road. You can visit the shore by walking along the edge of the field.

Coordinates WGS84 60.91196 26.96345

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Other nearby services

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Vääntäjä Farm, where Matti Vääntäjä operates as the host, hires canoes and transportation, as well as organises guided canoeing excursions at Väliväylä.

Utin Laskuvarjokerho ry allows you to try skydiving.

SeikkailuviiKari Oy offers canoes and kayaks to hire, as well as organises programme services.

Utti Fortress


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