Väliväylä is a waterway route that starts at Saimaa and connects to Kymijoki, and it is a popular canoeing route as well as a fishing destination know for its fish-rich waters. Väliväylä was used for timber rafting from Saimaa until the 1970s. The water of the route is clean and fresh, and the water of the waterway route is used as the raw water source of Kouvola’s region. The idyllic rapids and lake landscapes and rest areas of Väliväylä welcome both canoers, day excursionists, hikers, bicyclers, fishers, skiiers, snow-shoers, Nordic walkers, families with children, disabled people, berry pickers, swimmers, local residents and tourists, on every day of the year. Don’t forget to take your camera with you!

Gone with the wind from Saimaa to Kymijoki
Väliväylä, which has a distance of 113 km, starts from Saimaa’s Kivijärvi in South Karelia and continues from Kymenlaakso’s Kannuskoski all the way to Kouvola’s Käyrälampi. From Käyrälampi, the flow of water continues to Lappalanjärvi, where the last river section of the route begins, Harjujoki, whic finally connects to Kymijoki at Kuusankoski.

Basic equipment of rest areas
Canoers and other hikers can find rest and shoring areas along the route, which have been equipped with hikers in mind with at least an outdoor fireplace, covered lean-to shelter, composting toilet and a wood shed and firewood. The lean-to shelters’ interior has basic beds constructed against the walls, which are good to sleep on with sleeping bags after e.g. a day of canoeing. At some destinations, you will also find a fish smoker, a platform, beach and a wilderness hut that is suitable for all-year accommodation. Disabled people have been considered at Taikinakoski and Paaskoski. Most of the destinations are also accessible by car, or cars can be left in the immediate vicinity of the destinations. There are tourism entrepreneurs along Väliväylä and in the area of Kouvola, who offer canoes for hire, and if necessary, can organise excursions to the waterways of Väliväylä.

Fishing – ice-fishing and fly fishing
The fish stock of Väliväylä is rich, it includes e.g. trout, perch, pike and whitefish. Ice-fishing and angling does not require special permits, but trolling as well as casting and fly fishing require valid fishing permits. Please remember, however, that no form of fishing is allowed in the rapids areas. There are also special fishing areas at Väliväylä, which require special fishing permits.

Picking berries and mushrooms
In addition to a lot of fish, the forests surroundign Väliväylä offer their own food in the form of forest berries and mushrooms. How would perhaps freshly picked blueberries sound as a dessert?

Animals of the nature
When moving around in nature, you are not of course alone, but if you are licky, you may hear signs or even see a glimpse of the inhabitants of the forest or waterways. What would it sound like to encounter, for example, a fox, a hare, a moose, a beaver, an otter, a hawk, an owl, an eagle, an osprey or a dipper? You may even see that a bear has left its mark on the trunk of a tree.

Public transport to Väliväylä

Kouvola internal bus transportation. Route number 8 Kouvola-Utti-Kaipiainen-(Savero).

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