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It is nice to stop by at Särkilampi recreation destination from e.g. Orilampi or Repovesi’s national park. There is a hiking trail from Orilampi via Murjanvuori, and the distance is approx. 3.8 km. If you like to hike in peace, we recommend the route Orilampi – Särkilampi – Pitkälampi – Saarijärvi, from where you can get back to Orilampi via Kuutinkanava or Lapinsalmi by taxi boat.  You can of course also hike via Lapinsalmi to Orilampi.

How to get here

By car, turn off Voikoskentie 368 to Ukonniementie -> Kannuslammentie -> from where there is a forest track to the vicinity of Särkilampi. The road continues for approx. 100 m to the shore.

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Coordinates:WGS84 61.23017 26.790363