Kuovinkallio is located in the vicinity of Kouvola’s Ahvio village, alongside River Kymijoki. From Ahvio, it is approx. 30 km to Kouvola and Kotka. Kuovinkallio is a wilderness rest area and recreation area for canoers and other hikers. The rock that rises next to the resting area used to be Ahvio villagers’ preferred location to celebrate Midsummer. From the top of the rock, it is still a nice place to admire the river views will enjoying the day.

Basic equipment

At the rest area, there is a full shelter for 30 people, a fireplace, a table set, a composting toilet, a woodshed and a platform. You can stay the night in the shelter.

Summer at Kuovinkallio

There is a platform at Kuovinkallio for canoers, where it is easy to come to shore. Kuovinkallio is the last place to come to shore before River Kymijoki forks off to its eastern and western routes. The eastern route is a rapids route between Inkeroinen – Kotka, starting from Pernoo and the western route is a wilderness route between Inkeroinen – Pyhtää. Therefore, no later than when leaving Kuovinkallio, you should decide which route you will continue on to. A few hundred metres from the rest area, the river widens out in to Osolahti bay, where there are small fragmented islands. After Osolahti bay, the 1.2-kilometre-long freely flowing Ahvionkosket rapids begin.

The City of Kouvola’s bicycle route runs along Elimäentie (354), from where it is worth taking a detour towards Ahvio and take a rest at Kuovinkallio. You can continue your journey towards Kouvola or respectively south towards Kotka.

Hikers and mountain bikers should travel along the shore of the river in the Ahvionkosket landscapes. A hiking trails starts on the other side of Kuovinkallio, which you can follow all the way to Pernoo. A possible suspension bridge is being planned for Kuovinkallio to cross over the river, which would mean that the hiking network of the area would grow significantly.

The downstream of Kuovinkallio is perfect for fly fishing, as long as you have the required special fishing permits. Ahvionkosket rapids belong to the Keski-Kymi special fishing permit area.

The forests that surround Kuovinkallio are enjoyed by berry and mushroom pickers. The rest area can be considered as a homebase and it is nice to dine in the shelter, if you have the patience in between picking berries.

Winter at Kuovinkallio

You can go on snow shoe or skiing trips to Kuovinkallio. You can reach the rest area by car, so it is worth going on perhaps a weekend wilderness trip to Kuovinkallio. Just go and grill some sausages at the campfire! A peaceful wilderness landscape with rocks, rapids and dense pine tree forests opens out in the surroundings.

How to get there

It is approx. 1.5 km from the village of Ahvio to Kuovinkallio. By driving along Kuovinkalliontie which starts from Ahviontie, you can reach the vicinity of the rest area by car too. Kouvola public transport’s Inkeroinen-Ahvio route will take you to the village of Ahvio, from where the remaining 1,5 km is not too far to walk. Kaukoliikenne’s buses stop at the village of Anjala.

Other nearby services

Shop Cafe Susikoski is located next to Susikoski Bridge.

Aholan Lomalaidun in Huruksela, Kotka, offers accommodation and programme services.

Pikku Villa Anjala offers villa accommodation.

Mari’s Coffee offers restaurant services in the village of Anjala.
SeikkailuviiKari Oy offers canoes and kayaks to hire, as well as organises programme services.

At the Manor House are of Anjala you can familiarise in Kymenlaakso’s manor culture.

Wredeby Manor House is located in Muhniemi in between Kymijoki ja Muhjärvi.

Ankkapurha Industrial Museum is located in Inkeroinen. The museum has been built around a Füllner board machine, but it also exhibits the industrial development over the last 100 years.

Anjala wooden church is located in the centre of the village of Anjala.

The area of Anjala is historically significant in the history of Finland. More information about Anjala-Seura ry.