Huhdanniemi resting area is located along River Kymijoki in Anjala.  Huhdanniemi is a good resting area for canoers and skiers or hikers, who want to spend some time in the beautiful landscapes of Kymijoki.

Basic equipment

At Huhdanniemi rest area, there is a campfire hut, fireplace, composting toilet and a woodshed for hikers.

Huhdanniemi in the summer

When canoeing from the upper streams of River Kymijoki, you can easily reach the shore from the ditch next to the resta area. The actual rapids of Kymijoki start after Huhdanniemi, so a rest may very well be in place. It is approx. 3 km to canoe to the next resting area in Susikoski.

Huhdanniemi welcomes people to come and admire the peaceful river and rural landscapes. There is no actual swimming beach at the river side. The flow of River Kymijoki is strong right from the shore, so please be careful, if you plan to go swimming. If weather conditions permit, it is nice to eat your packed lunch at the shore. The nearest shops are  Siwa and Sale in the village of Anjala. If you are travelling by car, you can easily visit the resting areas in Susikoski and Kuovinkallio too.

All of River Kymijoki is a permit-based fishing area, so to fish you will need fishing permits. There are stream pools in some parts of the river, where you can fish without a permit. You can find brown trout, salmon, whitefish, pike-perch, pike and perch in River Kymijoki. Huhdanniemi area is part of Central Kymi’s special fishing permit area.

Huhdanniemi in the winter

The so-called “From bridge to bridge” ski trail, which is maintained by Anjala Association runs past Huhdanniemi rest area. The route runs along the shore of the river, from Anjala bridge to Susikoski bridge. You can also visit Huhdanniemi during the winter with snow shoes. River Kymijoki is almost melted throughout the year, so ice-fishing is not possible.

How to get there

You can reach the destination by driving approximately 3.6 km south along Huhdanniementie which starts at the village of Anjala. You can leave your car at the edge of the forest and walk the remaining distance, approx. 200 metres, along the edge of the field. You can also reach the destination by bike. Kouvola local transport bus routes 3A and 1A will take you to the village of Anjala, and you will then have to walk the rest of the way.  Long distance buses on the Kouvola-Kotka-Kouvola route also stop in Anjala.

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Other nearby services

Pikku Villa Anjala offers villa accommodation.

Mari’s Coffee offers restaurant services in the village of Anjala.
SeikkailuviiKari Oy offers canoes and kayaks to hire, as well as organises programme services.

At the Manor House area of Anjala you can familiarise in Kymenlaakso’s manor culture.

Ankkapurha Industrial Museum is located in Inkeroinen. The museum has been built around a Füllner board machine, but it also exhibits the industrial development over the last 100 years.

Anjala wooden churchis located in the centre of the village of Anjala.

The area of Anjalais historically significant in the history of Finland. More information from Anjala-Seura ry.