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The nature protection and recreation area of Heisanharju forms a stunning hiking destination.
The ridges and ponds that cut through the narrow waterways create the uniqueness of Heisanharju. There are outdoor trails and diverse service structures in the area.

Heisanharjun infopiste Viitesentie

Heisanharju information point Viitasentie


Due to its ridge landscapes, Heisanharju is called the Punkaharju of Kymenlaakso. The area is known for its longitudinal ridges and small lakes in between them, which form a stunning nature and hiking environment. Its ridges have been formed during the Ice Age by the flows beneath the ice. There is no equivalent in Kymenlaakso. Heisanharju area is located in Northern Kymenlaakso. The area is located approx. 40 km from the centre of Kouvola and 22 km towards Mäntyharju from the village of Jaala.

Heisanharju is also a nature reserve and it is extremely rich in terms of its ridges, foliage and fauna.

Diverse rest area, 2 huts, woodshed, well, double toilet, boat and platform

Heisanharjun kota

Heisanharju hut, open 24/365

At the narrow isthmus between Lake Iso Luotojärvi and Lake Kelesjärvi, there is a recreation area where you fill find a reservation hut and an open hut together with fireplaces, a set of table and chairs, a well, a compositing toilet, a woodshed, a swimming platform and two rowing boats. You can spend the night in the hut during the winter too, as long as you remember to wear additional warm clothes.
Dogs must be left outside the hut. We respect people with allergies.
At Heisanharju, you may only light a fire in the fireplaces at the huts. The area is also a litter-free hiking area. Observe the instructions for the composting toilet and

Heisalla on puuta tarjolla sekä mukavat kompostoivat WC:t

There is also wood available at Heisa, as well as comfortable composting toilets

only place what is intended in there, burn any combustible waste in the fireplaces and take the rest with you to be recycled. Tidiness at the are creates a pleasant setting. We also monitor the area with web cameras.


Nature trail network
There is a total of 3.5 km of outdoor trails that surround the lakes and run along the ridges. While following the trails, visitors can familiarise in the diverse fauna and vegetation. It is also easy for children to walk along the paths. Heisanharju is a geologically and botanically significant ridge area. Its bird species include at least the type species of ridge pine forests and clear wilderness lakes. When moving around in the area, you can try to identify at least the sounds of the black-throated diver, black woodpecker, raven, swan, black grouse and capercaillie. During the spring, the sounds of the black grouse and capercaillie are wonderful to listen to. It is also worth visiting the area during the harvesting of false morels. During the winter, you can identify the prints of several forest animals in the snow, from hares to moose. A substantial part of the area has been protected under the Nature Protection Act, so please remember to move and behave in nature accordingly.

Heisanharju during the summer

Heisanharju charms its visitors in the summer. Make sure you have enough time for your trip, because there is a lot to see and experience in the area. You can go hiking, boating, picking berries or mushrooms and fishing. You can freely fish perch and other common small fish in the small fish-rich lakes of Heisanharju without a permit. Lure fishing requires separate permits. There is a new well in Heisanharju, where the water is filtered through a sand material in to the well. The use of the well affects the water quality. Pump the bucket – two times before taking any drinking water. In this way, the water rotates in the well. The lakes’ water is spring water based, so it is therefore extremely clean and its colour almost has a turquoise touch to it. The shallow waters quickly warm up in the sun. Heisanharju’s forest trails are also excellent for mountain biking.

Wintery Heisanharju is an experience!

During the winter, the vegetation of Heisanharju has hibernated, but the area still offers a stunning setting for wintery hiking. If you are planning a hike in the area, we highly recommend that you have high rising shoes with you. There is usually a lot of snow! You can move even more easily in the terrain with snow shoes or skis. You can leave your camping equipment at the camping site and go hiking in the nearby forests. You can test your ice-fishing luck in the lakes of the Heisanharju region. Fishermen have easily caught perch that weigh 200g. You can stay the night in the reformed hut, even during the winter. The fireplace will quickly warm up the hut, but remember to still take some extra clothing and a fire starter with you.

How to get here?

Heisanharju’s outdoor area consists of Lake Kelesjärvi, Lake Iso Luotojärvi, Lake Heisanjärvi and Lake Vähä Luotojärvi as well and the longitudinal ridges that rise up between them. You can reach Heisanharju area from Kouvola along road number 4164. From Mäntyharjuntie, there are signposts to Viitasentie and from there to Heisanharju area’s parking area. It is 3.5 km from the signpost to the parking area. At the parking area, there is an information desk, where you will find a map of the area as well as information for users. Kyvi Association has agreed that Viitasentie shall be ploughed during the winter all the way to the parking area. It is worth buying and packed lunch from the Huhdasjärvi shop at the latest, which is located approximately 10 km from Heisanharju.

Public transport can be used to reach Heisanharju, for example the Kouvola-Jaala-Huhdasjärvi route.
Stop: Sulansalmentie intersection on Mäntyharjuntie, no marked bus stop.

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Other nearby services

Huhdasjärvi Local Museum exhibits the courtyard of an olden days’ farmhouse together with its old buildings. More information: Jaala Local Heritage Association

Verla Mill Museum is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Aurantola Manor House is located in Jaala, at the shore of Lake Karijärvi and offers cottage, outbuilding, manor and caravan accommodation.
Sinibell Farm is located in Jaala, at the shore of River Vesalanjoki and Lake Huhdasjärvi, and offers cottage and room accommodation.
Restaurant Vanhakelo in the centre of Jaala.


Visitor survey about Kymenlaakso’s leisure destinations 2013