Särkilampi resting area can be found along the Mäntyharju – Orilampi hiking route. The recreation area is at the shore of a beautiful pond.

Pitkälampi resting area can be found along the Mäntyharju – Repovesi National Park hiking route. In the summer, it is nice to dip in to the clean water of the pond.

The nature protection and recreation area of Heisanharju forms a stunning hiking destination.The ridges and ponds that cut through the narrow waterways create the uniqueness of Heisanharju. There are outdoor trails and diverse service structures in the area.



Väliväylä is a waterway route that starts at Saimaa and connects to Kymijoki, and it is a popular canoeing route as well as a fishing destination know for its fish-rich waters. Väliväylä was used for timber rafting from Saimaa until the 1970s. The water of the route is clean and fresh, and the water of the waterway route is used as the raw water source of Kouvola’s region.

Kyykoski recreation area can be found along the Väliväylä canoeing route. There is an outdoor route between Kyykoski and Taikinakoski. At these locations, there are bridges that cross the river. Kyykoski is an excellent fishing location.

Sulunkoski is a dream location for fly fishing. Amazing brown trout has been fished from the river. Sulunkoski can be found along the Väliväylä canoeing route.

You can access the hiking route to Kyykoski from Taikinakoski recreation area.The destination is also an excellent fly fishing area.

Röllänranta, which is located in the village of Tirva, can also be called Tirva’s “village beach”, because particularly during the summer, it is a popular leisure destination among the villagers.The gravel-like bottom of the lake at the beach is typical to Kymenlaakso.

Mankki’s resting area and berthing location is located at the shore of Mankinvirta. A destination along Väliväylä’s canoeing route, where there is a wilderness cabin.

Väliväylä’s canoeing route and Kouvola’s hiking and track network connect at Paaskoski. Paaskoski is an excellent fishing destination.




Huhdanniemi resting area is located along River Kymijoki in Anjala.  Huhdanniemi is a good resting area for canoers and skiers or hikers, who want to spend some time in the beautiful landscapes of Kymijoki.

Susikoski resting area is located in the vicinity of Susikoski bridge and Shop Cafe Susikoski. It is 3 km from the village of Anjala. Susikoski is a good berthing location and hiking site.

Kuovinkallio is located in the vicinity of Kouvola’s Ahvio village, alongside River Kymijoki. From Ahvio, it is approx. 30 km to Kouvola and Kotka. Kuovinkallio is a wilderness rest area and recreation area for canoers and other hikers. The rock that rises next to the resting area used to be Ahvio villagers’ preferred location to celebrate Midsummer. From the top of the rock, it is still a nice place to admire the river views will enjoying the day.