tulentekopaikka kuivakaymala laituri taukokatos

Lehmäsaari has been a favourite among hikers and boaters for decades. There is an outdoor route at the northern end of the island, along which there are beautiful decidious forests, pine forests, as well as a shoreline that has been molded by wind and water.



Lehmäsaari is located on the outskirts of Kotka, approx. 5 km from the port of Sapokka. The terrain consists of beautiful sandy ridges. The platform area is located on the east side of the island at the mouth of the beautiful bay. You can reach the destination in a large boat too. There are 30 visiting boat berths. There is a nature trail on the island.

IMG_0869The island and its platform are popular during the summer.There is space for larger boats too, a depth of 0.5-3 m and there are 30 pcs of buoys for boats. The island has campfire sites, woodsheds and toilets. The northern end of the island is completely part of the recreational area. There is private land in the southern direction, where you may walk but you can not accommodate yourself there. Please note that fires are only allowed to be made in the official fireplaces in the vicinity of the platform. You can erect a tent in a location you find suitable IMG_0855in the northern direction from the boat harbour. A good trail network has been established on the islands, use them while you explore the diverse landscape of the islands.

Hiking and fishing at Lehmäsaari

There are trails that circulate the northern part of the island. In the north, there is a protection area of the woodland landscape. You can go coarse fishing without a permit and ice fishing during the winter. Fishing permits can be paid online. A permit for one lure is subject to the Government’s fishing management fee and the Southern Finland’s provincial lure fishing fee. There are big fish in the vicinity of the shore. Salmon, trout, whitefish and pike have been caught at the shores of the islands… tight lines.

The closest harbour in Sapokka in Kotka. You can reach the island on the charter motor boat.


Koordinaatit: 60°25,30′ P, 26°59,50′ I

Coordinates: 60°25,30′ P, 26°59,50′ I

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