taukokatos tulentekopaikka laituri kuivakaymala

Vasikkasaari recreation area is located at the southern end of Konnivesi along the Heinola – Kymijoki canoeing route. The location is also suitable as a boaters’ destination.


Vasikkasaaren virkistysalue

Vasikkasaari recreation area

Vasikkasaari is located in the beautiful waterways of Konnivesi right at the border of the municipalities of Kouvola and Heinola.
The structures at the recreation area have been renewed in the summer of 2013. The destination is equipped with a large rest shelter, where there is a campfire site and benches, so that you can even stay overnight. The toilet is a composting toilet and firewood can be found in the outbuilding. Two rear end buoys have been installed to the new platform, so you can reach the destination even with a large boat.

What does Vasikkasaari recreation area offer

Vasikkasaaren laituri

Vasikkasaari platform

There is an idyllic small bay and sand beach at the recreation area – in other word, it’s time to swim.
You can collect berries and mushrooms in the area, and you can of course go fishing. The required permits can be obtained at Vuolenkoski or Heinola.
The destination also has a fireplace that is equipped with a muurikka pan. It allows you to prepare more traditional excursion meals – wilderness gourmet – fish directly from Konnivesi… Mushrooms from the island…

During the winter, you can only reach the destination by skiing or with snow shoes. It is worth noting that the water flows on both sides of Vasikkasaari, so the strength of ice should be confirmed. With consideration to these factors, it is a jo to visit the destination on a clear winter day when the spring snow has frozen on to the ice as a load-bearing cover.

You can burn any combustible waste and place composing waste in the toilet. But you must take glass, metals and aluminium packaging to waste collection points.

It is approx. 7.5 km from Vuolenkoski to the destination and 9.5 km from Heinola.

Vasikkasaari’s WGS84 coordinates are lat 61,135 lon 26,144

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