Kyvi Association

Purpose of operations

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Kyvi Association secures and develops the opportunities for residents and tourists to use the recreation destinations suitable for recreational and leisure use. The association is responsible for servicing, maintaining, developing and informing about the recreation destinations.

Recretional activities in Kymenlaakso region

The recreation destinations of Kymenlaakso offer comprehensive and diverse opportunities to relax in nature. Excellent nature experiences are already implemented at the destinations. The landscape and nature must however be protected and developed, in accordance with sustainable development principles, to ensure that the recreational value is preserved and refined in the future too. Maintenance and user plans are produced per destination and per destination ensemble. The plans take in to account the guidelines of other recreational areas and national guidelines, concerning the preservation and development of the natural environment.

Kymenlaakso Recreation Area Association will geographically supplement the operating areas of the South Karelian Foundation for Recreation Areas and Uusimaa Recreation Area Association. In this way, a significant recreation area network with everyman’s rights will be created in Southern Finland.

Equipment and service level of recreation destinations


Welcome to relax in Kymenlaakso

In the future, alll destinations will have rest shelters, a fireplace, a composting toilet, signposts, a woodshed and some of them will have a parking area and a platform. The hiking destinations have signs and maps along the routes and at the resting areas. There are platforms, buoys and shore attachments at the boating and canoeing destinations. Litter-free hiking is a thing of today and it applies to all recreation destinations.

Kyvi Association in the background

Kymenlaakso Recreation Area Association is formed by 7 municipalities and cities in Kymenlaakso. These include; Kouvola, Kotka, Hamina, Iitti, Pyhtää, Miehikkälä and Virolahti.

Welcome to relax at Kymenlaakso’s recreation destinations. You can find the destinations per municipality on this website. Please observe good manners at the destinations, so that they will serve us in a good manner during future years.

Jukka Kinnunen
Operations Director
Kymenlaakso Recreation Area Association KYVI
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